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Americus' Next Top Stylist

Americus' Next Top StylistEdit

Americus' Next Top Stylist is a game which will give chance to aspiring stylists/designers to shine and share their talent. Winner of this game will be named the first ever Top Stylist and can have: an automatic spot whenever they wish to join another series.

Rules Edit

Everyday, the stylist will be given a challenge. This challenge will obviously ends in 24 hours. The stylists must submit their designs on time. They will use Looklet to style a model. Then upload it using Tinypic or whatever they can access and post it in the forum for that day. Then, the judges will submit their opinion on each stylist. Judges must give the score for each stylist ranging for 1-10, 10 being the highest. Typical game but also a poll will be open to the public. The public can vote for whoever stylist they want to stay. The poll be 25% of each stylist's score.



Name Age Karma Profile
Destiny 13 22 Destiny
Ryan 14 427 Ryan
Anna 11 22 Anna
MK 14 125 MK
Morgane 14 0 Morgane
Elena 18 4 Elena
Immie 19 22 Immie
RJ 17 198 RJ
Pamela 13 3 Pamela


Name Profile
Americus Americus
Sahmosean Sahmosean

Episode SummariesEdit

Week 1: Everyday, Still FashionEdit

First week of the stylists and they're all intense to win this competition. In this week, they must create a casual wear that they can wear everyday but still fashion. One that can wow their neighbors when they go outside their house.

Name Judge's Scores Public Vote TotalScore Ranking